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We've been intrigued for a few years by the awesome power of platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help small creators fund dream projects. We have watched everything from backpacks to boardgames, solar battery banks and welders, get amazing financial backing. (And by "amazing", we mean MILLIONS  of DOLLARS in pledges!) And then it suddenly hit us: "Why not our château?!" 

Yes! Why not?... And what's more – if we can do this – so can you.


With Love,  Tatyana & Selmar


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Twice per month, private events at the château. Live music, dinner, dancing and socialising (plus, perhaps a daytime class or two). Some of our mid and higher level reward tiers offer a stay at the château so you can make a mini break out of the event.

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Immersive 4 day public festivals. Beautiful costumes, delicious food, craft beer, music & camaraderie. We envision a world were everyone feels that they belong and  for attendees to make good friends that they can keep in touch with on our "Flaunt" social community throughout the year. Camping is included in the price of our reward tier on Kickstarter.

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Tune in for weeks for 3 weeks of a reality series with a twist! Intrigue, strategy, beautiful clothes & food, in a spectacular setting... Some of our mid- level reward tiers offer a chance to be chosen for the series, while a  larger reward tier guarantees a place in the show!

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Masked Ball

Held once per year, the Masked Ball opens the summer Valdania Medieval Festival. It is a separate, private event held in front of the chateau. Dress to impress on this night of spectacle, wine tasting, fashion and revelry ... As with all reward tiers tickets are discounted on Kickstarter and include extra treats for backing us with a purchase

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While we certainly won't be giving any raves or rock concerts on the chateau grounds, great live music of various types will feature in both our tango and festival events. Currently all planed bands are included in the price of entry.

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We are making a social community aimed at helping our members. Premium membership is a one off payment which includes the ability to advertise yourself to a captive audience  (rather than a re-occuring subscription).