A place to belong

We want to create spectacular, immersive, events that we would like to go to ourselves... Attainable prices & making people feel that they are special and welcome is part of that.

When Selmar and Tatyana met, they found they had a lot in common...


Since he started dancing many years ago Selmar had always dreamed of having an exceptionally beautiful ballroom to call his own, where he could give lessons and put down roots. Thinking it was an impossible dream, he moved to France in search of 'the next best thing,' not knowing where this would lead him. For her part, Tatyana had always dreamed of living in France in a castle with towers and turrets, where she could focus writing fantasy novels and have a menagerie of animals. (They both dreamed of boiserie, high ceilings and forest – and a moat if one was going!)

Throughout their lives their thoughts have individually been filled with quiet reveries of living in (the good bits) of bygone eras, or a more perfect world, where unicorns and fairies might be ordinary inhabitants. Unsurprisingly they both love historical costumes, with the Medieval and 18th century aesthetic being favourites. Fantasy films like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and period dramas like Downton Abbey and Dangerous Liaisons are always on the playlist.

The each also have a strong respect and sensitivity toward animals and nature and love making things –both useful and beautiful– with their hands. 

Selmar is currently working at the famous Château de Lalande, where he is involved in giving Tango lessons and repair work. Tatyana is a freelance designer and writer. They both have formal training and longstanding practical experience in events organising, performance art, design, retail, hospitality, visual & communications art, fashion, cooking and house renovation. Combined, they have had multiple retail shops, a bed and breakfast, a café, a bar and a wholesale and production business.

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